Frequently Asked Questions


What change tables and mats are compatible with the WriggleBum?

The new Wrigglebum has been designed to fit most change tables and mats including (but not limited to):

Leander Matty Changing Mat
Babyrest Nova Change Mat
Kmart Soft Change Mat Shnuggle Squishy Change Mat
Boori Cloud Easyclean Change Pad
Grotime Cheeky Change Pad
Babyhood Universal Duo Change Table
Boori 3 Tier Changer
Boori Neat 3 Tier Changer
Tasman Eco Turin Change Table
Childcare Cambridge 2 Tier Change Table
Childcare Osmo Change Table
Grotime Daisy Change Table
Grotime Bella Changer
IKEA Gulliver Changing Table
IKEA Sniglar Changing Table
Amart Camlet 3 Tier Change Table
Bebe Care Casa 2 Tier Change Table
Bebe Care Letto Oxford Change Table

Please note: WriggleBum is compatible with all soft change mats between 400mm and 500mm. Change tables and solid change pads naturally provide more support and therefore make the WriggleBum more effective than soft change mats alone. With any change table, mat or pad, the effectiveness of the WriggleBum is also influenced by the size and strength of your child.

How do I fit the WriggleBum?

See the How it works page for detailed instructions, including a demonstration video that will show you how to fit and use the WriggleBum.

Does WriggleBum stop all wriggling and flipping?

The WriggleBum was designed to restrict baby's movement enough to enable nappies
to be changed much more quickly and easily. We balanced this with the need to ensure baby was comfortable at all times and that the product was easy and quick to use. Babies will still be able to do some wriggling, but the WriggleBum will significantly reduce the amount of wriggling they'll be able to do!

Please note: the WriggleBum is not a safety product. Babies must never be left alone on a change table or change mat, for any length of time, even when
the WriggleBum is fastened.

My baby wriggles quite a lot when I'm using the WriggleBum. What can I do?

A few tweaks often make a big difference!

Please check out our '3 top tips' highlight on Instagram and make sure:

  • That the harness is tightly fastened around your change table or mat so that there's no slack and a gap is created between the harness and change mat.
  • The top belt is in the centre of your change table/mat.
  • The top belt is sitting right under baby's armpits, at the top of their chest.
  • The top belt's strap is adjusted so it's quite firm around baby's chest, but not too tight as to be uncomfortable.
  • Attaching a toy to the WriggleBum can keep baby
    distracted, which helps them stay put. Some very wriggly babies may still need
    you to keep one hand on them during the change for extra support, especially
    when using a soft change mat. Babies usually stop being so wriggly once the
    harness has become part of their normal routine, so in time you shouldn’t need
    to do this.

When do you start using the WriggleBum?

We recommend to start using the WriggleBum when baby is four months old, as this is usually when babies start rolling. The earlier the WriggleBum is introduced, the quicker baby becomes accustomed to it and the less likely they'll become fully-fledged wrigglebums when they're older!

Up to what age can the WriggleBum be used?

The WriggleBum was designed for babies aged 4-18 months, and is most effective for this age range. It can, however, be used with toddlers up to 24 months(+), depending on the child's size. The top belt's maximum circumference is 60cm.

How do I wash my WriggleBum?

Machine wash your WriggleBum on a cool gentle cycle with like colours, using mild detergent. Clip all buckles together before washing.

Purchasing & shipping

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! Unfortunately at this time we do not ship to North America.

How long does delivery take?

We will do our best to get all orders out the door as soon as possible.

  • Standard delivery within Australia: 3-7 business days
  • Express delivery within Australia: 2-3 business days if your address is within the Express Post network
  • Standard delivery to New Zealand: 8-13 business days to major metro areas
  • Standard international delivery: 7-14(+) business days to major metro areas.

How much does delivery cost?

  • Standard delivery within Australia: AU$5.95
  • Express delivery within Australia: AU$10.95
  • Standard delivery to New Zealand: AU$15
  • Standard international delivery: AU$25

What is your refund policy?

Our full refund policy is available here. Please choose carefully as we don't provide refunds for change of mind.

What if I enter an incorrect address by mistake?

If you complete an order with the wrong delivery details, send us an email immediately with the correct details. We can update the address if the email is received within two hours of the order being placed.

If an order is delivered to an incorrect address and needs to be sent again, we will need to on charge for the additional delivery.

Where is WriggleBum stocked?

Kiddie Country 79-83 Union St, Armadale

Mint Soda 170 Campbell St, Swan Hill

Babyland 142 Charles Street Launceston

New South Wales
Baby Village 17-21 Bronte Road Bondi Junction

276 Brunker Road, Adamstown

Baby Nest
Shop 7, Myer Centrepoint (Near Olive Street Entrance), 525 David Street, Albury

Rocky Mavericks 161 Canning Street, Rockhampton

South Australia
Out of the Cot
149 King William Rd, Unley

That's Cute!
7/76 Beach Rd, Christies Beach

Western Australia
Varda Shop 5/31-33 Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough

New Zealand
Baby On the Move -Click here to see all store locations

...with more to come very soon!

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