Smiling baby lies on a solid change mat, wrapped in a WriggleBum nappy change harness

Solid change mats: your guide to the most popular brands

Solid change mats, or contoured change mats, are firmer than traditional foam change pads, but still have a bit of flex so they’re comfortable for baby.

Most are made from polyurethane, which creates a hygienic, waterproof surface that is easy to wipe down. The added benefit of this material is that it quickly adapts to body temperature, unlike the PVC change mats. Who wants to lie down on a freezing cold surface?!

Solid change mats can be used on any flat surface and are light enough to move around, but they are a lot sturdier than the soft foam pads and won’t slip and slide during changes.

As solid change mats are heavier and more stable than soft foam mats, they provide additional support when using the WriggleBum, making the harness more effective. 

What is the best solid change mat? 

Some of the most popular solid change mat brands are:

All of these products are compatible with the WriggleBum nappy change harness

There are three main factors when deciding which mat is best for you:
  • Your budget (prices range from $79 to over $200)
  • What size suits your space best (some mats are much wider than others)
  • What style and colour you prefer

Here is a quick snapshot of the most popular brands:

Table comparing the most popular brands of solid change mats
Below is a side-by-side comparison of the size of each of these products. 
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