A baby with dark brown hair is lying on a change table and staring at camera. They are wrapped in a WriggleBum nappy change harness.

How to change a wriggly baby's nappy

Six tips for changing a wrigglebum

1. Stock up

When you’re changing a wrigglebum, it’s a nightmare when you don’t have everything you need within arm’s reach. Keep your change station well-stocked with all your change-time essentials so you’ll be ready when the next poonami hits.

  • Lots of nappies and wipes
  • Nappy bags for extra messy changes
  • Any powders or creams you need
  • Hand sanitiser
  • If you have a large house, or a double storey, a second change station might be a good idea

Image of a white change table against a cream wall, filled with nappy changing essentials.

2. Prep your wipes

It’s a pain when you try to pull out a wipe and half the packet comes out in one big clump. Take a few seconds to prep new wipe packets so you’re able to grab what you need and finish the change ASAP.

  • First open up hard plastic tab on the top of the wipes packet
  • Then pull off the soft plastic sealed tab
  • Tear or cut a slit on each side of the remaining soft plastic, making sure the opening extends all the way. Ta-dah!

3. Keep them distracted

Changes are always easier when a wrigglebum is fixated on something other than the change itself. Keep them busy with something new and interesting to play with while you get the job done.


A baby with dark brown hair is lying down on a change table, wrapped in a WriggleBum nappy change harness. They are playing with a set of plastic measuring spoons.

4. Dress for disaster

Choose baby clothes that are easy to get on and off baby. When you have a poosplosion to deal with, you’ll be thankful you can undress your wriggly baby quick-smart.

  • Zipped onesies are popular for a very reason, they’re super easy to put on, and to take off.

  • Onesies with press studs take longer to do up than their zipped counterparts, but can be pulled apart in a jiffy.

  • Avoid onesies that only open at the bottom and don’t have flaps on the shoulders. Those flaps provide enough give so you can pull the onesie downwards over baby’s body, rather than pulling the whole onesie up over their head (along with all the mess they’ve made!).

5. Double up for wet nappies

When you know it’s just a wet nappy, make the job much quicker (and avoid any mid-change accidents), by lying a clean nappy under baby before taking off the wet one. They’ll be changed before they’ve even had a chance to wriggle away.

A baby in a nappy is lying on a change table with their legs in the air.

6. Change nappy changes for good

WriggleBum is Australia’s favourite fuss-free nappy change harness. WriggleBum limits a baby’s ability to roll during change-time and makes changes quick and easy.

Best for babies 4 to 18 months, WriggleBum fits almost all change tables and change mats. Once fitted, the harness is ready to go after one buckle click, so you can get the job done fast.

Have you got another nappy changing tip new mums need to know about? Share your change time tip below!
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